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Personal Vegan Chef Teresa Grace

Personal Vegan Chef with Teresa Grace

New York, United States
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About my food

The Client To Chef Relationship Is Extremely Important That's Why I Love To Provide Healthy Organic Cuisine. I Provide Clients With Customized Menus For Weekly, Bi-Weekly Meal Plans. I Have Over 10 Years Life Experience As A Personal Chef And Am Proud To Have Worked With Michelin Restaurants, James Beard Kitchens & Feed Hungry Successful Entrepreneurs. When Preparing Meals For Clients, I Strive To Feed Them Only Healthy Cuisine And To Accomplish This, I Source Food Locally.

Service Type

  • Not allowed Parties, Get-Togethers and Romantic Dinners
  • Not allowed Corporate Events (Team-building)
  • Not allowed Cook for busy individuals/families (food for more days)
  • Not allowed Culinary training (cooking classes at client’s home)
  • Not allowed Chef consultancy (Build customized menus for dietary restrictions)

Food Type

  • Allowed Meat-Based
  • Allowed Fish/Seafood
  • Allowed Vegetarian/ Fruits/ Fresh
  • Allowed Desserts


  • Average price (per hour): $95
  • Minimum price of service: $450
  • Average price of cooking classes (per hour): $100
  • Cancellation: Full refund 48 hours prior to arrival and 50% for less than 48 hours prior to arrival.

Distance Fees

  • Free of charge up to: 20 Miles
  • I will refuse if the distance is greater than: 2500 Miles
  • For distances between 20 to 2500 Miles: $85


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About the chef, Teresa Grace

Personal Vegan Chef
Chef Teresa Grace, Born And Raised In Staten Island, NY. Where Her Love For Food Grew With Every Natural Bite From Her Father's Backyard Garden. Having Trained At The French Culinary Institute In Downtown New York (Canal St.) She Soon Grew To Realize She Had Found A True Passion. And With Every Passing Day, She Follows Her Dreams Of Helping Change Lives With Her Creative Edge. I have over 10 years life experience as a Personal Chef and am Proud to have worked with Michelin Restaurants, James Beard Kitchens & Feed Hungry Successful Entrepreneurs. The Client to Chef relationship is extremely important and love to provide healthy organic cuisine. My personal Mantra Eat Well. Live Happier Feel free to email and/or call to discuss your desires and goals to continue to learn and grow together.
NYC, NY, United States Member Since March 2017


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