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Let Food Be Thy Medicine Shay C Elcock

Let Food Be Thy Medicine with Shay C Elcock

New York, United States
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About my food

Animals have protested being eaten by humans for a long time. Their obvious protests are proven by the diseases we can get from meats and dairy like salmonella, mad cow disease, lactose intolerance and diets high in meat consumption are linked to heart attacks, strokes and cancer. But plants have vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and many other nutrients that have a healing effect on our body. This is why I'm dedicated to providing plant-based meals that imitate our favorite dishes made with meat and dairy. As a vegetarian/vegan for over 6 years, I don't miss pulled pork sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, creamy pastas, chicken wings or ice cream because I eat their plant-based mock versions everyday. My plant-based meals are just as delicious, more nutritious and leaves you with more energy after eating. Try replacing just one or two of your meat dishes with my plant-based versions a week and notice the difference between eating dead animals and living plants. Food should give LIFE.

Service Type

  • Allowed Parties, Get-Togethers and Romantic Dinners
  • Allowed Corporate Events (Team-building)
  • Allowed Cook for busy individuals/families (food for more days)
  • Allowed Culinary training (cooking classes at client’s home)
  • Allowed Chef consultancy (Build customized menus for dietary restrictions)

Food Type

  • Allowed Meat-Based
  • Allowed Fish/Seafood
  • Allowed Vegetarian/ Fruits/ Fresh
  • Allowed Desserts



  • Average price (per hour): $40
  • Minimum price of service: $40
  • Average price of cooking classes (per hour): $60
  • Cancellation: Full refund 48 hours prior to arrival and 50% for less than 48 hours prior to arrival.

Distance Fees

  • Free of charge up to: 10 Miles
  • I will refuse if the distance is greater than: 40 Miles
  • For distances between 10 to 40 Miles: $10


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About the chef, Shay C Elcock

Let Food Be Thy Medicine
It's hard for people to think that vegans were once omnivores too. But growing up in a Caribbean household, there was a time I didn't even know what it meant to be a vegan. If I told my family I don't eat meat or dairy, I would've starved since they don't know any other way. Giving up meat was hard, but not as hard as the thought of giving up dairy products. Plus I LOVE desserts, which heavily rely on eggs and dairy. But today, I don't feel like I made any sacrifices at all. I eat delicious food everyday, I save money with a plant-based diet and my health, skin, emotional and mental well-being all drastically improved. I became a personal chef to make this lifestyle accessible for everyone. I don't want to convert anyone to being a vegan. That's never my goal. My only goal is to educate people that trading a meat dish with a plant-based dish can be delicious, great for your health and anyone can learn to cook this way.
3205 Park Avenue, Bronx, NY, United States Member Since February 2017


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