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  1. Tora's TigerInvasion World Tour

    Tora's TigerInvasion World Tour


    The name I go by, Tora, means "Tiger". My music tour is an international tour called TigerInvasion; kind of like my cooking. My recipes are an invasion of me infused into all different cultures. My ethnicity is Russian, French, German, Irish, Muskogee Creek Indian, Egyptian, Ethiopian and Thai; and I have family (gourmet) recipes from each culture including American, Italian and Mexican! Not only a chef, but I am also a nutritionist/personal trainer; so I can help get your health on track the natural way! (Specialize in Vegan, vegetarian and specialty diets, as well. Learn More
  2. Nia's Kitchenette

    Nia's Kitchenette


    Welcome to my world of adventure where cooking is an art. Integrating different cultural spices, and herbs to nourish ones soul. Sharing my love through cooking is what I enjoy best and building relationships with my clients. Nia's Kitchenette also offers healthy meal preps, small catering, pastries and private dining specials. Learn More
  3. Fresh California Cuisine

    Fresh California Cuisine


    I grew up in Berkeley, birthplace of California Cuisine. I have worked at many of the Bay Area's top restaurants and I love cooking the simple yet sophisticated cuisine which has made the Bay Area world renown for great food. To me, using local, organic ingredients is second nature. Most chefs these days shop at the farmer's market. I pride my self in in taking that a step further, by really getting to know the farmers, what they sell and what products each of them excels in. The years I have spent collaborating with Bay Area farmers and ranchers is apparent in everything I cook. Learn More
  4. No cuisine is off the table!

    No cuisine is off the table!


    Whether you're craving Grandma's homemade noodles or a seven course fine dining menu or anything in between I have the experience and knowledge to create amazing and healthy dishes to accommodate any dining need. Learn More

4 Item(s)

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