How Chefs are Giving Back to Hurricane Victims

In a series of a few weeks, unprecedented hurricanes have ravaged Texas and Florida and flooded bordering states of Louisiana and Mississippi. And while hurricanes are not uncommon this time of year, the damage Irma, Jose, and Harvey have inflicted is.

An ABC news report estimates that damages could amount to nearly $300 billion; Harvey’s impact on Houston has been declared the most expensive weather disaster in United States history.

And while these numbers themselves may seem formidable, the real devastation is the numbers of families without homes. Estimates suggest that 30,000 residents have been placed in shelters for Harvey alone.

Irma, which is still active, has already left nine dead and left millions without power. With homes, streets and businesses flooded and the hurricane season expected to continue at an unprecedented and devastating scale, livelihood, including food security, is under continual threat for millions of Americans.
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Why Chefs should Care about Hunger in America: Foodbanks, Soup Kitchens & Food Pantries

Tyler Eifert, tight end player for the Cincinnati Bengals, and Jean-Robert de Cheval, celebrity and executive chef of three renowned restaurants in the Greater Cincinnati region, make an unlikely pair. But this Wednesday, they teamed together to host the 15th Annual Taste of the NFL at Paul Brown Stadium.

What seems like a celebratory, maybe even frivolous, event for football fans is much more. Like many other sports-affiliated community dinners, this is a charity event, with all the proceeds going to local foodbanks. But while that sounds like a good cause, too few people are aware of the very great need behind events like these. Continue reading “Why Chefs should Care about Hunger in America: Foodbanks, Soup Kitchens & Food Pantries”