Boredom is a National Crisis: Four Meals Clients are Sick of Eating


Eating Out: Health Crisis?

Six years ago, Timi Gufstafson, a registered dietician and founder of an online health network offered a solution to America’s obesity crisis.  And it didn’t involve specific workout or diet plans.

Her advice was simple: Americans need to eat at home. Continue reading “Boredom is a National Crisis: Four Meals Clients are Sick of Eating”

Three Power Ingredients to add more Vegetables to Clients’ Meals

For most personal and private chefs, catering to clients’ schedules, tastes,  and preferences are central to a well run business.

But what if their preferences are detrimental to their own health?

National guidelines recommend that Americans get, at minimum, four to six cups of fruit and vegetables a day. Continue reading “Three Power Ingredients to add more Vegetables to Clients’ Meals”

Sugar High: Making Desserts Healthier and More Sophisticated

CVS is trying to make a name for itself as the healthiest drugstore in the United States.

If the title seems dubious, the approach may be even more open to speculation. Instead of focusing on providing quality supplies, the chain has turned its attention to hiding some of its offerings.

The Wall Street Journal reported CVS is trying to bury its candy offerings further in the store, in hopes that less customers will take the time to look for it, and possibly to partially discourage so called impulse buys in the checkout line.

Continue reading “Sugar High: Making Desserts Healthier and More Sophisticated”

Color Wheel: Incorporating Color in Meals

For Shaun Dry, Executive Chef of Rock’n’ Fish Restaurant in Manhattan Beach, CA, one goal is more important than making a profit. He hopes to help inspire future generations to invest in quality food and healthier eating habits.

In a country where eating out can mean consuming half of an average American’s daily calories and over the recommended intake of sodium, Chef Dry’s mission may seem isolated and vague, but it is his specific approach, rather than a mere ideology, that sets his establishment apart. Continue reading “Color Wheel: Incorporating Color in Meals”

Bread Perfect: Guide to Baking the Perfect Loaf for Your Clients

For Chef Bryan Mascatello, the decision to start baking his own bread came down to a matter of finances: buying wholesale bread can be expensive.

For other chefs who are not primarily bakers but have started making their own bread, it’s a matter of both integrity and taste. Even though the idea of baking bread in house for restaurants is not new, more and more private and personal chefs are starting to dip into the practice. Private Chefs of the acclaimed Martha’s Vineyard, for instance, offer homemade pita bread with customized menus; Liz Fabel, a traveling personal chef, has taken to teaching others the art of baking. Continue reading “Bread Perfect: Guide to Baking the Perfect Loaf for Your Clients”

Too Much Protein? Reshaping how Americans Eat

Protein makes up every cell in the body and is essential to building and repairing tissue. Without it, hormones and enzymes could not function. Lack of adequate protein can result in a deficiency of amino acids, causing a host of issues: low energy, unstable blood sugar levels, and mood swings.

Yet, with the exception of vegans and vegetarians, few Americans have to remind themselves to eat enough protein. Each decade has a health fad; in the 90’s, it was low fat. Now, it seems, it’s high protein diets. Protein-enhanced or based foods are projected to drive the market through at least 2020. Predictions are that sales of fresh meat and seafood, protein-based snacks, and even halal foods, are expected grow at a rate of fourteen percent over the next three years. Continue reading “Too Much Protein? Reshaping how Americans Eat”

Cooking for Clients with Diabetes: Not as Complicated as You Think

Over 21 million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes, but the CDC estimates an astounding eight million more have the condition but have not yet been diagnosed. In total, diabetes affects over nine percent of the total population.

The burden of the disease is hard to overestimate. Based on the 2010 Census, diabetes was the seventh leading cause of death, but studies have indicated that only 35 to 40 percent of cases were officially listed as a cause of death. Continue reading “Cooking for Clients with Diabetes: Not as Complicated as You Think”

Chefs can help Seniors Retain Independence

In 1970, the life expectancy for an average American hovered at 67 years. Almost half a century later, an American can expect to live almost ten years longer. Advances in technology and medicine, as well as increasing standards of living and access to both healthcare and education have made this possible.

But as life expectancy increases, population demographics shift. A report from the Census Bureau studied the United State’s aging population as part of a global trend: by 2050, individuals 65 and over are expected to rise by 17 percent. Continue reading “Chefs can help Seniors Retain Independence”

Here is why you should book a Cookscanner chef each weekend

Cookscanner is a great service for all different types of people, and customers are hiring personal chefs for a variety of different reasons that are personal to them. While some people may be happy ordering recipes from chefs on an occasional basis, many customers may find that more regular use of this service would benefit them in many ways. Continue reading “Here is why you should book a Cookscanner chef each weekend”