CookScanner Leads the Way with Personal Attention (Bonus: Summer Contest)

UPDATE -21-July -2017

The winners of the contest are:

Blog contest: Karina – @missfoodieny

Facebook contest: Sara DiPasquale

Instagram contest:  @khrystlerea & @evaramiop

Thank you everyone for participating, we’ll host another contest soon.

Stay tuned!

Summer Specials

If you are a New York based foodie and want to try a fabulous personal chef experience, write a comment on this post and we’ll send you a $100 coupon (limited offer – please contact us to see availability)

CookScanner is also running a free contest via its Facebook page. Participation is simple, and everyone has a chance to win a $100 coupon towards booking a chef. The winner will be selected in two weeks (July 21st) so don’t miss out!

Here’s how to participate:

  1. “Like” CookScanner’s Facebook Page
  2. Comment on the contest post what recipes you would like see prepared for you
  3. Optional: If you’d like a second chance to win, follow CookScanner on Instagram: @cookscannernyc

New for CookScanner

In addition to the contest, CookScanner has added a feature to make services more user-friendly.

In addition to filters to search by location, cuisine type, and price point, there is now a quotation system that provides a more accurate preview on how much a specific service would cost.

Here’s How:

  1. client requests a quote on a chef’s listing
  2. Chef replies with a quote based on client’s needs, which includes ingredients
  3. Clients may accept or decline the offer and can continue to request quotes from other chefs until he or she finds a good match

Personal and private chefs aren’t just for the rich anymore, according to ABC news:

Personal and private chef services offer a wealth of services to ordinary and busy family, from grocery shopping to meal preparation to clean up.

Lisa Graves, a blogger for Style Blue Print, says that, despite her hesitation, the ability to have personal services that addressed needs, including specific allergies and lifestyles, led her to reconsider her conception that personal services were only for the wealthy and famous.

Not only was her personal chef far less expensive than she imagined; the services also greatly changed her personal and professional life:

“With a clean kitchen, practically zero prep time, an organized refrigerator and pantry [and] the ease of knowing dinner was planned, I found myself [so much more]productive…I got ahead on StyleBlueprint work and I got back to getting 7-8 hours of sleep. Simply stated, she’s been a total blessing to my family.”

CookScanner: Exclusivity and Personal Attention

Yet narrowing down a personal chef can be difficult for clients. And personal and private chefs looking to promote their business may not know where to turn.

According to ABC’s report, there are over 5,000 personal and private chef businesses in the United States and Canada alone.

So how to decide? For professional and private chefs based in New York-and for individuals and families looking for customized service-Cook Scanner may be a solution. Specifically dedicated to the tastes and needs of those living in New York, CookScanner and its chefs offer a wide range of services and different cuisines, from authentic Mexican to upscale American; from Southern comfort food to vegetarian.

CookScanner seeks to take personal chef experience mainstream, with full services including buying and purchasing ingredients, cooking in client’s homes, and both preparation and clean up.

-Here are some of the special services also offered:

  • Parties, Get-Togethers and Romantic Dinners
  • Corporate Events (Team-building)
  • Food for busy individuals/families (food for more days)
  • Culinary training (cooking classes at client’s home)
  • Chef consultancy (customized menus for dietary restrictions)

Search filters and featured pages allow chefs and clients to find their best match by style, price point, and location. And now is more exciting time than ever to look into CookScanner.

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  1. I was reached out by you guys in Instagram and am interested in the $100 dollar free food experience. My Instagram is missfoodieny


  2. Hi I’m super excited to have been chosen as one of the winners! My name is Sara, my email is [hidden] and I am definitely interested in participating!!
    Thank you

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