CookScanner Compared: A Side by Side Ranking Against other Dining Options

When it comes to eating, Americans are faced with countless options. While the most traditional mode of everyday meals has been, for decades, cooking at home, less and less Americans are cooking and more are eating out.

The problem? Eating out can be expensive, noisy, and time consuming. Restaurant meals can also be bad for the waistline, and often, impersonal.

The solution? Cookcanner’s wide range of personal and private chefs provide delicious meals in the convenience of customer’s homes. When comparing cooking at home or eating out, Cookscanner leads the way in quality and overall value.

 CookingEating OutCarry OutCookScanner
ConvenienceGood Deal of Effort: Preparation, Cooking, and Clean UpCommuting, Traffic, Slow Service, Lines, Waiting for the CheckDelivered to Door with next to no effortEverything Taken care for you in your home, from prep to cooking to clean up & even grocery shopping
FreshnessFreshly selected ingredients and preparationUncertain: food is prepared out of sight;
Ingredients may be pre-made, frozen, or in bulk
Same cons as Eating Out;
Delivery may also impact texture, flavor, and temperature
Freshly selected ingredients with the client in mind
Limited to talent, creativity, and time
Variety limited to menu items.
Customization discouraged
Same cons as Eating Out;
Menu often even more limited for delivery purposes
Almost endless.
Chef works directly with client
May be messy or noisy, depending on constraints
Cannot control noise, temperature, people, or lighting Home
Less Messy than Cooking
Comfort of Home, Plus Cleaning and Personalized Attention


One of the biggest factors when deciding where and how to get dinner is the level of ease. Given packed schedules, Americans value convenience when it comes to meals. In fact, the great demand for convenience is what arguably led to the rise of the “ready-meal”.

Cooking: This is by far the least convenient option, requiring time for preparation, cooking and clean up. It always requires preparation and meal planning in advance. Running out of ingredients sends families running to grocery stores, or abandoning the idea altogether, while crammed schedules make cooking sometimes downright impossible.

Eating Out: There’s something to be said for being waited on, or, in fast casual places, getting served quickly. But commuting to the restaraunt, dealing with waiting lines, and even waiting for slow orders or the check, all make this a time consuming endeavor. While eating out can provide a less effortful meal experience, it always requires a good deal of time, and, patience.

Carry Out: This option is pretty convenient, especially places that deliver straight to your door. The only cons are the possibility of slow delivery times, and, if done improperly, less fresh meals that may require reheating.

Cook Scanner: No effort is required. The chef comes to a client’s house and takes care of all the preparation, cooking, and cleaning up. Chefs can also be hired for other services, like grocery shopping, adding to the value. Finally, chefs work to suit client’s hectic schedules and respond in a timely manner.



There’s nothing worse than a lukewarm pizza, stale bread, or vegetables past their prime. How do the options measure up?

Cooking: Since ingredients are controlled directly and the origins are usually known, these meals should be very fresh.

Eating Out: The concern here is twofold: transparency, and appearance versus reality. Meals normally are cooked out of sight, inside kitchens, where the ingredients are not seen. Meals can also appear fresh but be making use of ingredients past their prime. Also, most restaurants rely on bulk orders from suppliers, and at least some frozen and premade products.

Carry Out: Many of the same problems as eating out, but with another issue. Delivery may affect the overall quality of meals, especially if not packaged properly, resulting in lukewarm dishes, soggy crusts, or unwanted mixing of ingredients.

CookScanner: All meals are prepared before client’s eyes. And unlike fast casual places, the ingredients themselves are known. Clients can also offer suggestions, or even request specific ingredients to be used.



One of the joys of eating is eating in variety. Whether it’s different cuisines, different methods of preparation, or even simply the desire to eat different meals to get a variety of nutrients, this is a key consideration for anyone.

Cooking: This depends on the person cooking. That is, the ingredients and recipes prepared are left up to the cook, but also limited to time, talent, and creativity. Many non professionals may find that trying to come up with new meals is time consuming and exhausting. Also, some meals may prove too difficult to prepare without formal training.

Eating Out: While there is a great deal of variety in terms of different places to eat out, the places themselves are limited to their menus. Customized ordering can be difficult and is often frowned upon. Even the best places also have a limit to time, ingredients, and capabilities.

Carry Out: As with eating out, limitations based on menus are a concern. But even more so, some meals may not be available for carry out.

CookScanner: Without a doubt, personal and private chefs offer the best in terms of variety and diversity of ingredients and cuisines. Chefs can personal meals to clients’ preferences, while matching the expertise, or exceeding it, of chefs working in restaurants. The possibilities are nearly endless, even with concerns to things like dietary restrictions, because the chef and the client are working together.



There’s more to a meal than the food being served. Eating itself should be an experience, one that is comfortable and takes the person being served into consideration.

Cooking: This of course, depends on the home itself, but the setting is familiar and comfortable. Less comfortable is the noise and ammount of clean up, and even messy counters that may or may not be cleaned before the meal is served.

Eating Out: Eating out can be a wonderful experience, given the right setting and a lot of luck. More often, it can be noisy, whether it’s a too loud table, a noisy kitchen, being seated by restrooms, or even drunk customers. The noise and cacophony can sometimes detract from the meal being served. Also, customers rarely have control over lighting or temperature, which may lead to discomfort.

Carry Out: Eaten at home, with similiar pros and cons of cooking, but a bit less mess.

CookScanner: The best in atmosphere: the comfort of eating at home, with the assurance that noise and messes will be kept to a minimum.


While there are occasions eating out, getting carry out, or even cooking at home may appeal, CookScanner a way to get quality food with personalized and diverse ingredients, without the chaos or inconvenience of other options.


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