Color Wheel: Incorporating Color in Meals

For Shaun Dry, Executive Chef of Rock’n’ Fish Restaurant in Manhattan Beach, CA, one goal is more important than making a profit. He hopes to help inspire future generations to invest in quality food and healthier eating habits.

In a country where eating out can mean consuming half of an average American’s daily calories and over the recommended intake of sodium, Chef Dry’s mission may seem isolated and vague, but it is his specific approach, rather than a mere ideology, that sets his establishment apart. Continue reading “Color Wheel: Incorporating Color in Meals”

Substitutions in a Pinch: Simple Baking Swaps

Chef Vicky Bhogal is known for her quirks: whenever she goes to dinner, she takes her own ground masala or flavored oil. Most of her dishes were inspired by her family, who valued instinct over measuring, and memory over written recipes.

As unconventional as this may sound for a professional, Ms. Bhogal believes fervently in a skill, above all, that helps chefs succeed: improvisation. It’s something many chefs, especially personal and private chefs, may tout in theory, but one she practices daily:

“A real [chef] is someone who will be able to cook something with any ingredients. Endlessly adaptable.” Continue reading “Substitutions in a Pinch: Simple Baking Swaps”

Plating Presentation Basic Principles : More Important Now than Ever

Customers have flocked to fine dining establishments for refined flavors and beautiful presentation for as long as the food industry has been prominent. Most people expect that, with a higher priced dish, will come not only more complex flavors and higher quality ingredients, but also a more thoughtfully plated meal.

But perhaps customers have not been aware of their desire for a both tasty and beautiful meal nearly as much as they are now. In an interview with MilkBar Digital, a digital and social media agency based in Melbourne, Chef Ryan Lording, known for his ability to work with edible flowers, explains how the food industry has changed dramatically in recent years. Continue reading “Plating Presentation Basic Principles : More Important Now than Ever”

Bread Perfect: Guide to Baking the Perfect Loaf for Your Clients

For Chef Bryan Mascatello, the decision to start baking his own bread came down to a matter of finances: buying wholesale bread can be expensive.

For other chefs who are not primarily bakers but have started making their own bread, it’s a matter of both integrity and taste. Even though the idea of baking bread in house for restaurants is not new, more and more private and personal chefs are starting to dip into the practice. Private Chefs of the acclaimed Martha’s Vineyard, for instance, offer homemade pita bread with customized menus; Liz Fabel, a traveling personal chef, has taken to teaching others the art of baking. Continue reading “Bread Perfect: Guide to Baking the Perfect Loaf for Your Clients”

Too Much Protein? Reshaping how Americans Eat

Protein makes up every cell in the body and is essential to building and repairing tissue. Without it, hormones and enzymes could not function. Lack of adequate protein can result in a deficiency of amino acids, causing a host of issues: low energy, unstable blood sugar levels, and mood swings.

Yet, with the exception of vegans and vegetarians, few Americans have to remind themselves to eat enough protein. Each decade has a health fad; in the 90’s, it was low fat. Now, it seems, it’s high protein diets. Protein-enhanced or based foods are projected to drive the market through at least 2020. Predictions are that sales of fresh meat and seafood, protein-based snacks, and even halal foods, are expected grow at a rate of fourteen percent over the next three years. Continue reading “Too Much Protein? Reshaping how Americans Eat”

Beyond the Trend: How to Make your Meals Gluten Free

Chances are, you know someone who has made plans to stop eating, or greatly reduce wheat-based in their diet. And for good reason: In the last four years, the market for gluten-free products had nearly doubled, rising from $11.5 billion in sales to $23 billion. Gluten-free products come in a variety of forms, with everything from pasta to breads to even frozen pizzas.

Does this mean increasingly more Americans are diagnosed with celiac’s disease, or gluten sensitivity? Is it possible the market is expanding due to greater need? Continue reading “Beyond the Trend: How to Make your Meals Gluten Free”

How to Cook with Wine: Pairing, and When you Should Skip it Altogether

Emily Ellyn isn’t your typical TV chef. Boasting a PhD in Food Service Education, she is less interested in persona and entertainment, per say, and more interested in experimenting, constantly finding new innovative ways to create playful spins on familiar mainstays, with everything from jams to snow cones.

And what better way to have fun and experiment than with one of the world’s most beloved beverages: wine. Continue reading “How to Cook with Wine: Pairing, and When you Should Skip it Altogether”

Cooking for Clients with Diabetes: Not as Complicated as You Think

Over 21 million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes, but the CDC estimates an astounding eight million more have the condition but have not yet been diagnosed. In total, diabetes affects over nine percent of the total population.

The burden of the disease is hard to overestimate. Based on the 2010 Census, diabetes was the seventh leading cause of death, but studies have indicated that only 35 to 40 percent of cases were officially listed as a cause of death. Continue reading “Cooking for Clients with Diabetes: Not as Complicated as You Think”

American Classics with a Twist: Grill Out Edition

The Big Business of Grilling

Last year, nearly eighty million Americans held or participated in a grill out, according to a report by the U.S. Census. Grilling out is an American tradition that is no more apparent when late Spring and Summer hits. From graduations to family get together’s to the pivotal 4th of July, where an estimated 87 percent of Americans plan to have a grill out, casual parties and picnics abound.

It’s hard to imagine a summer with the smell of hot dogs or burgers on the grill, yet “grilling out” in of itself is often understood to be a casual and amateur-cook affair. In a report published two years ago, CNBC estimated spending on Fourth of July grill-outs to be $6.6 billion for that day alone. Continue reading “American Classics with a Twist: Grill Out Edition”

Just a Trend-Is investing in a Spiralizer Worth It?

Laura Miller, host of Tastemade, a food and travel network, has three kitchen tools that are essential to her cooking. The first two are commonplace: a good grater and sharp knives. But the third, may, to some chefs, appear frivolous.

“I really love a good spiralizer”, she revealed in an interview with InStyle last year. Her recommend pick? A $40 one from OXO.

The spiralizer trend started to take off nearly three years ago, and it shows little signs of slowing down. Prominent publications like Food and Wine,  The Independent, and Consumer Research continue to feature reviews of the best models and brands for different needs. Healthy eating movements and lifestyle magazines tout them as essential gadgets for a healthy kitchen. Continue reading “Just a Trend-Is investing in a Spiralizer Worth It?”